Tacey Viegas, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Viegas received his B.S. in Chemistry (1977) and Pharmacy (1981) from Bangalore University, his M.S. (1984) and Ph.D. (1988) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Mississippi. He has worked at R.P. Scherer Corporation (now Catalent), MDV Technologies, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals and the Shearwater Corporation (now Nektar Therapeutics). During his tenure at Shearwater and BioCryst, he was a co-inventor of nalexogol (Movantik®) and etirinotecan pegol and was involved in the early development of peramivir (Rapivab™). He has 25 years of pharmaceutical industrial experience in drug discovery, delivery and development.

Dr. Viegas has managed the discovery and early development activities for both synthetically- and biologically-derived therapeutic agents in the areas of oncology, neurology, influenza, psoriasis and wound care. He has numerous patents and publications in the area of polymer therapeutics and pharmaceutics, and he is also a recipient of an American College of Clinical Pharmacology award for his presentation on the clinical applications of purine nucleosides.