Leading-edge Collaborations

We are working with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are using our POZ platform to develop novel therapeutics. Our collaborations with partners to advance LNP based drug delivery in mRNA vaccines highlights the broad potential of our POZ platform technology.

How Partners Are Collaborating with Us

Examples of how partners have employed our POZ platform include:

POZ enables the programmed release of “challenging” small molecules – where for example, insolubility and high first pass metabolism are limiting factors.

POZ enables these drugs to be continuously delivered via a once weekly SC injection, potentially improving compliance and efficacy over an extended therapeutic window.

We are working with partners at the forefront of LNP development for infectious diseases, cancer immunotherapy, and gene therapy.

Our partners are currently advancing pre- clinical studies exploring POZ-lipid LNPs as a non-immunogenic replacement for the current PEG-LNP standard that is employed in the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

Attached to antibodies, POZ is uniquely suited for targeting a payload of toxin to specific receptors that are overexpressed on the surface of cancer cells.

Our partners have demonstrated POZ can dramatically increase the drug antibody ratio (DAR) and believe that this will be particularly important when the antigen for the ADC has low cell surface expression (low-density targets).